The One Degree Experiment

I went for a walk yesterday, and I couldn’t get over the change in weather. It had been warm over the weekend here in Northern Michigan, and on Monday we got hit with frigid temperatures and wind. Today it’s all out snowing all over again. Personally, I don’t mind it – I love the drama of a good snow storm! But it got a lot of people looking forward to spring!

As I was walking through the quiet loop of our subdivision, big parka, hat and gloves on, it occurred to me that the weather lately mirrors how I feel in life right now. I feel like I’m stutter-starting. Like an engine that won’t quite turn over. Start-stop-start… stop. In basically every area.

It brought to mind a newsletter from my chiropractor’s office I had just read earlier in the day:

Some of you may know that our oldest son is studying to become a commercial pilot. I bet if we asked him that question, he would nod his head and emphatically state “yes.” When flying an airplane 1 degree can mean arriving at your destination or landing in deep water. The same principle holds true in our bodies. One small adjustment to our lifestyle can make all the difference in the end. It can make the difference between just getting old or aging well. (via Performance Chiropractic)

One Degree Change Experiment - - One change for one month, adding one more every month.

I’ve been thinking – one change is doable. I could choose to make one change a month and one change a month carried out over 12 months would mean 12 changes made in a year! That adds up. I’m also convinced that when we make one good change it bleeds into other areas of our lives. Which I need.

The trouble for me starts when I decide if I can change one thing I can certainly change two. And on and on.

So I’m just picking one thing in March. A one degree change. It’s getting five fruits and vegetables every day. need to do this for my blood pressure. I need to do a lot of other things, but like I said – I’m starting with this one.

That’s all! Then next month I’ll stick with that one and pick another.

Would you like to join me?

Here are some ideas of small changes you could make that could really add up:

  • waking up earlier
  • drinking 8 glasses of water a day
  • exercising 3x per week
  • reserving dessert for one day a week
  • setting a bedtime and sticking to it
  • reading a book (or increasing the number of books you already read!)
  • limit eating out
  • kissing your husband more (you determine what that means!)
  • go for a walk once a day

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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