Easy Peasy At-Home Dinner Date

Steve and I try to go on a date a couple times a month (carving out time for marriage is hard sometimes with everything going on!! But necessary… and fun!) but when we can’t get out we try to do something nice together at home.

Most of the time we end up eating dinner and picking a good movie. But one of the things we like doing together is cooking! Steve called me on his way home from town this weekend and asked if it sounded good to feed the kids and cook something for us as a date! He was in the mood for salmon, and I thought pasta sounded good with it so I sent him a list and we put together this crazy simple menu.

Do you know how easy salmon is to cook?? First of all, it hardly takes any time at all, second of all, it doesn’t take much to have an awesome-tasting piece of fish – salt and pepper, butter, dill, lemon, you’re done! Here is the recipe we followed.  Also, this made enough for us to eat it twice and still have a little left over…

This pasta recipe is fast and we really loved it! It’s creamy and garlicky and the perfect side for the salmon. Steve said:

All I can say is you need to make this more often. We need to figure out what else we can eat this with.

I made this easy peach cobbler from Trisha Yearwood with a jar of fresh peaches that my friend, Lisa, canned this summer! It made the dessert amazing.

We got the kids in bed and went to work! Since everything was pretty simple we ate in about 45 minutes. I’d recommend adding a vegetable, but we were just ready to eat, so… I think I might have been a little low on my fruit and vegetable count for the day… Oops. Do the peaches in the dessert count??

I’d love to get some more easy recipes from you AND ideas for dates – at-home or out on the town!

(P.S. pictures via the recipes linked to!)

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  • love salmon! I have never cooked such a large piece though. Good to know it isn’t as hard as I thought. Now if I could just get my hubby to eat it…