Cultivating What Matters

This weekend I sent out a quick email asking the question – What are you struggling with the most right now? I’d still love to hear from you if you haven’t answered! (If you’re reading this from your email, just hit reply!)

The two big things that came back to me from that question are a bit what I expected, but wanted to confirm:

  1. We feel like we wear a lot of hats and it’s hard to keep everything going with energy and joy (ie. laundry, working outside the home or working from home, being a good wife and mother and friend etc…)
  2. We are tired and are struggling to stay well physically.

For sure these two things go hand in hand. And I totally relate with both. While I don’t have all the answers, I love exploring solutions, and trying new things. So, I wanted to talk about the first thing a lot of us seem to be struggling with. Breaking it down, I think what we want is to cultivate what matters.

Isn’t that right? We want to do the best we can with what the Lord has given us. We want to:

  • create a comfortable home where everyone has underwear and socks to wear :)
  • succeed at the work we do (whether at home or working outside the home)
  • have meaningful relationships in which we’re intentional with our time
  • fulfill our purpose

Ok, that last one is like, oh, no big deal… just fulfill my purpose! But I know each of us has been given special things to do – passions and dreams to follow, things the Lord has put in us. Maybe it’s serving meals at your church, making art, writing a book, taking action for those who have no voice… I don’t know what it may be for you, but I bet with a little digging, you would be able to uncover what it is!

But here’s the problem. Usually what is (or seems) urgent is what gets done. Not what is important. At least for me, what gets done in a day is what is screaming for my attention. So those things that are quieter, not so obvious, can be put off – do get put off.

Things like spending time in prayer or in the Word, playing a game with one of the kids, reading a book we’re interested in, learning a new skill or doing a craft we love doing. How do we accomplish the things that need to get done in order to function and also make time for things that matter to us?

Well, I have something I’m working on to help us accomplish everyday things and keep track of them… I’m kind of a planner and goal-setting nerd :) I’ll be sharing that soon and hopefully you’ll love it!

But for the other piece, I wanted to share another resource that I’m really excited about. It’s something that I’ve personally used and found transformative.

They’re called PowerSheets. They’re created by a dear woman named Lara Casey who is one of the most down-to-earth, relatable women I’ve gotten to know on the Internet! She’s a believer, a gardener, a businesswoman (founder of Southern Weddings magazine!), a mom, a fellow IF: Gathering host 😀 (you know I have a soft spot for IF: Gathering!)

Cultivate What Matters -


Lara just recently changed the name of her shop to Cultivate What Matters. And this is her heart for PowerSheets and the other resources they provide there. Instead of chasing perfection in our households, in our businesses, in our lives, she wants to help us chase PURPOSE.

I could tell you all about this with my words, but I wanted to SHOW you, so here is a short video about what this looks like (if you’re reading this in your email, click here to view the video!):

I’ve used the 6-month set of PowerSheets, and I’m looking forward to getting the yearly version in my hands! When I have been able to get what is important to me down on paper is has helped me so much in making decisions about what to say yes to, and what to say no to. What to focus on, and what to save for another time. I feel so much more settled and peaceful.

Here’s the exciting news!! The 2017 PowerSheets make their debut TODAY! (If you can’t wait, click here to check them out! It’s ok – I’ll still be here :) )

PowerSheets are different than a lot of goal-setting paths because:

  • it takes you through a guided process to put down on paper what matters to you, why, and helps you determine how to get there
  • there is a “tending” process where you check in on your goals, or what you’ve purposed to do daily, weekly and monthly
  • there is a 6-month and yearly option
  • the yearly option incorporates the seasons!! I love this because I appreciate being in tune with the rhythms of the seasons!
  • you get access to two private communities to join with others who are on the same journey!

PowerSheets -


A little more “official” details about them:

  • 12-month dated monthly workbook with January 2017 start month
  • 176 pages of inspiring quotes and worksheets
  • 2 pages of colorful stickers
  • Inside pages measure 7 x 10 inches, overall workbook measures 9 x 10 inches
  • Full color tabs and seasonal Goal Refresh pages
  • Sturdy, yet flexible spiral binding
  • Water-resistant, flexible cover with rounded corners
  • Free bonus materials, including a “Word of the Year” card, encouragement postcard, and inspirational desk card
  • Worksheets include the Goal Action Ideas, Monthly/Weekly/Daily Tending Lists, Relationship Tending, Cultivating Gratitude, Big Dreams page for big ideas, What Fires Me Up, Things I Want to Learn/Things I Learned, and more!
  • Includes exclusive access to the exclusive Cultivate What Matters community and PowerSheets Facebook Group

Who is with me? I am so excited to be even more intentional and purposeful in 2017, and I’m hopeful that this is something that will help us all! I hope you’ll join me!

Click here to take a look at PowerSheets! And I’d love for you to come back and tell me which you chose!

P.S. This post contains affiliate links, so if you do make a purchase you are supporting the blog at no extra charge to you :) I love this product and recommend it to serve you!

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