Coffee Date #2 – Writing, Books and More

Hey guys – it’s been a while, so I thought we’d have a coffee date to catch up and chill. You have your mug ready? In no particular order… I give you my ramblings.

Writing Is Hard

I’m just going to be honest here – I’ve been afraid to write. Afraid of not saying the right thing and not being amazing enough and not having a “plan.” (They call that an editorial calendar. That’s when I start breaking out in hives.)

Then I start wondering if I’ve said all I have to say. But I know there is more. I’ve tried to “think something up” to write about next and it just freezes me up. But this morning, I read this in The Right to Write (if you want to write but are afraid you should check out this book) and it freed me up:

Writing is about getting something down, not thinking something up. Whenever I strive to “think something up,” writing becomes something I must stretch to achieve. […]

We are asking it to do two jobs at once: to communicate to people and to simultaneously impress them.

So there you go. That’s exactly it. I really can’t impress you. I’m just here to share a little bit about what God is teaching me and what’s going on in life I hope that’s cool with you.

I’m not an expert. I have some ideas and some tips for helping life go smoother and I do love food :) I love Jesus and I want to serve him and his people but I’m surely not further along than many of you. So I’m just viewing this as a walk together. I’m doing most of the talking here, but I would love to hear from you in the comments :)

I’ve Been Reading

Oh yes – I’ve been reading a lot and loving it. If you think you don’t have time, just be like me and stick your book in the bathroom. Even if you don’t have any business to do in there you can hide for a little bit and *usually* not get bothered. 😉 You can probably get at least a chapter a day this way – he he

What have I been reading? Maisie Dobbs!! I just finished the third one, and I’m dying to start the next one but then I got The Lake House from the library… Anyone read that one yet?? I’m being like my mom and flipping ahead to see if I can figure out what’s going to happen next! So I guess I’m on a mystery kick – both of those are mysteries. I’m also finishing up Beth Moore’s book, Audacious. 

Getting Ready for IF: Gathering

For the last few years a small group of ladies and I have hosted IF: Gathering at our church. This year we got a bigger team together and we’re hosting in two churches in our city! IF: Gathering is a conference, a gathering of women in 1600 different sites and homes, in 44 countries, all asking the question – what would it look like IF we lived like Jesus. It’s happening February 5th and 6th by simulcast – so you can watch it wherever you are with the women in your community. IF has been instrumental in my life, and I bet there is a gathering taking place close to you too! If there’s not, you can sign up to host in your home or church (or wherever) too. You can check it out at We’re getting down to the wire and finishing up preparations for our gathering!

My Kids

My kids are fascinated with nature, and especially the development of chickens. We’ve talked about how chicks come from eggs, that it takes 21 days for a chicken egg to hatch, but that the eggs we eat aren’t fertilized etc.

So there I was – sitting in my chair in the living room, when in comes Taylor and heads straight to the hutch where I keep my books.

“Remember that egg we put in there?” she says.

“What?” I ask – thoroughly confused. Sure enough – she opens the hutch and collects an egg from the shelf. I just sat there with my mouth open – the questions flooding in – Is it raw? How long has it been there? What if it had cracked open?? Thankfully she had grabbed a hard boiled egg that happened to be in the fridge… I had to explain, again, that no amount of incubation was going to make that egg hatch. Especially since it had been boiled. Ahem.

Ok – your turn! What’s happening in your neck of the woods??


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  • Tallie Jane Smith

    Hey Lauren. I just love your stories about your kids. I’m always sharing them with my husband!

    I didn’t know there was more than one Maisie Dobbs! I read the first one on your recommendation and so now I’ve downloaded the second one :)

    In our house:
    Watching – sumo. Really big tournament just ended so I was pretty into it 😉
    Reading – through the Bible in a year. Grant and I are doing it together. We’ve done it in the past but not for a couple of years.
    Eating – anything that doesn’t make me nauseous. Last night I made broccoli cheddar soup for the first time and it was yummy!
    Crafting – Valentine’s day decorations :) I never do this but I kinda got into it this year.
    Cutting out – nursing :/ This one makes me sad but with being pregnant again my boobs need a break! It’s been hard though.

    I guess that’s all that’s happening over here :)