Clean Eating Made Easier {a Dashing Dish Review}

This year I’m on a quest to eat better and exercise more in order to bring my blood pressure down (and losing some pounds on the way.)

I’ve written about exercising, but  I’ll be honest the eating part is not going that great. Here’s my problem: I love comfort food and dessert.

I’m not sure how to reconcile those things and losing weight. Anyone?

Dashing Dish, a new cookbook by Katie Farrell, creator of caught my eye because of the cover – “100 Simple & Delicious Recipes For Clean Eating.”

1) 100 is a lot of recipes, and I need some help!

2) Simple is always good

3) Delicious is even better

But really, the kicker was the macaroni and cheese that graces the cover.

There really are a lot of recipes I’m excited to make – the breakfast category alone had me at carrot cake pancakes.

Clean Eating Made Easier {a Dashing Dish Review} -


Clean Eating Made Easier {a Dashing Dish Review} -

I made the Baked Mac and Cheese since it caught my eye on the cover. I’ll tell you the secret – cauliflower. Seriously – it was so good. The pureed cauliflower makes a great sauce, and you’re getting more vegetables! My kids and my husband (and I!) loved it. As in – everyone had seconds. Everyone.

Clean Eating Made Easier {a Dashing Dish Review} -

The one thing I have to get used to is using Stevia instead of sugar. Katie uses Stevia as a sugar substitute in all her recipes. Unfortunately I’ve never cared for the taste. I know you can substitute honey, agave or maple syrup as a sweetener, but a lot of times you want something that measures like sugar – so converting is a little tricky. I need to try Stevia more and let it grow on me since I know it’s a good alternative to processed sugar.

Have you seen Dashing Dish and been curious? You should check it out!

If you’ve tried any of her recipes, (or have some other great clean recipes) I’d love to hear about it!

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I was provided with a complimentary copy of Dashing Dish to review. My opinions are my own – I was not compensated for my review. It’s just a great cookbook!

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