Clean Eating Made Easier {a Dashing Dish Review}

This year I’m on a quest to eat better and exercise more in order to bring my blood pressure down (and losing some pounds on the way.)

I’ve written about exercising, but  I’ll be honest the eating part is not going that great. Here’s my problem: I love comfort food and dessert.

I’m not sure how to reconcile those things and losing weight. Anyone?

2 Exercise Options That Will Make You Want to Exercise

Since the beginning of the year my goal has been to lose weight and get healthier (with, like, half the nation, I’m sure.) My biggest reason has been to get my blood pressure down. But, as I wrote about last week, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed, tired,  irritable, and well, a whole lot of things.

I know about exercise even though I haven’t actually been getting enough exercise. So I know that exercise releases chemicals in the brain that can improve your mood – making you feel happier and more relaxed. Regular exercise also tires you out, helping you sleep better – and I can definitely use better sleep. So, I’m trying to exercise more not only to lose weight and lower blood pressure, but for the emotional and sleep benefits too.

Here are two excercise-at-home options I really like, and that I actually want to do, which is half the battle, right??