Real Mom Confessions

Real Mom Confessions have become a favorite part of Wednesdays for me! If you aren’t following Girl With Blog, you’ve got to! Every Wednesday for several weeks she’s invited us to share “our light and our deep messes, our stories and our fears.” It’s an invitation to get real, and be honest and let others see that there’s real life behind the Instagram/Facebook feed…

So, I’m joining in :) It’s not Wednesday, but still… Here goes –

1. Last week was Spring Break around here… Sunday night the girls started vomiting and other things we shall not speak of… Levi joined in on Tuesday. This nasty bug lasted through SATURDAY NIGHT, people.

As in – we canceled our little overnight at a local hotel (and I whined and pouted and felt sorry for myself handled it like a mature adult), did not go to church on Easter morning, did not go to Grandma’s house for Easter lunch.

As in – there were several days where I stayed in my pajamas ALL DAY.

As in – I did not read a single book to the kids over Spring Break. We sat/laid/vomited on the couch and watched episode after episode of Wild Kratts and Curious George. With a Fixer Upper thrown in there for mama’s sake. Yes, they complained, and then I reminded them of the copious amounts of vomit and other bodily fluid I had cleaned up. [and then I was convicted since it was Holy Week, and we were working up to remembering how Jesus washed his disciples dirty feet and then was beaten and crucified for us… Get over cleaning up the vomit, Lauren.]

I can’t even begin to tell you the stories from last week… And I’m thinking you probably don’t want me to. At one point Morgan asked, “WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME??”  Ok, I’ll move on now.

2. In preparation for our insurance agent to come to the house today, I frantically flew about clearing the lunch dishes, doing a quick vacuum, and taking out the trash. This mad dash also included:

  • rinsing out the trash can because it REEKED and there was slimy stuff at the bottom when I took out the bag…
  • hiding pans in the oven (related: HOW DO YOU CLEAN AN OVEN?? Does the self-clean even work?? Confession in a confession – I’ve never actually cleaned my oven.)Real Mom Confessions -
  • Steve loading the dishwasher, and me putting the rest of the dishes in the sink to hide them. Those would be the dishes that are not dishwasher material, and that I put off doing at all cost. I’m such a domestic goddess.

3. This has been said before, but I’ll just chime in with all the mamas… All our clean laundry is on the couch right now. If you want something to wear, you look on the couch. I’ll be honest, it’s not convenient.

Real Mom Confessions -

Ok, your turn! What do you need to confess??

**Update: 4. I proceeded to turn the oven on to 400 with the pans still in it… Even though I promised myself I would remember they were in there. This happens every single time!! **